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True Wireless Gaming Earbuds


True Wireless Gaming Earbuds

  • Hecate H+ sound effect specially tuned for more immersive gaming experience
  • 40ms extreme low Bluetooth latency with PixArt professional gaming chip
  • 7 + 21 hours of battery life for game and music
  • Quick charge supported for earbuds and charging case
  • IP54-rated dust and water resistance for outdoor scenarios
  • Avant-garde look with RGB lighting adds to your gaming vibe
A girl with closed eyes wearing EDIFIFER GX04 gaming headphones

Light Gear for Battle
Comfort with Maximum Lightness

Thanks to Edifier's 25-year ergonomic technology, with 10mm diaphragm unit, the cavity and the front nozzle are smaller, offering comfort with maximum lightness. No pain for long-time wear and no pressure on ear canals.

EDIFIER GX04 gaming headphone speed measured 41.56ms

Speed Measured 40ms
Hear the Real

The speed matters most in a game! With the PixArt flagship mobile game chip, the latency is minimized to 40ms (±5ms). Sense the bullets before too late and hear the real!

*The latency data is from the Edifier Acoustic Lab. The fluctuation of ±5ms is a normal technical phenomenon.

A boy playing gaming, wearing EDIFIER GX04 gaming headphone, and Bluetooth 5.2 icon on the left

Bluetooth 5.2
As Good as Wired Ones

The excellence comes with a reason! Bluetooth 5.2 greatly improves the connection stability. In complex environments such as in subway, heavy traffic or noisy rooms, free of worry about disconnection or jamming. Wireless transmission is just like a wired transmission.

EDIFIER GX04 gaming headphone on the gaming poster

Passive Listening Skills

H+ specially tuned sound effects

Edifier Acoustic Lab & PixArt Mobile Game Chip Research Institute joined hands to specially tune H+ game sound effects for gamers, with enhanced sound effects such as footsteps, gunfire and skill casting. Accurately locate your enemies by sound!

Edifier GX04 gaming headphone with the font "7h long battery life", "the overall battery life is up to 28h."


Battery Life 7h+28h

Fight like a tank with a great energy! Bluetooth 5.2, with lower power consumption, 7h long battery life with the advantageous low latency of 40ms. Combined with the charging case, the overall battery life is up to 28h. Always standby for enthusiasm.

A boy and a girl, back to back, both wearing EDIFIER GX04 gaming headphones

Offense and Defense

Integrated Game/Music Dual Mode

All-rounder integrated with both offense and defense! A good gear of excellent sound quality for you in battle. The 10mm hybrid diaphragm unit is precisely tuned by Edifier Acoustic Lab. The 25-year acoustic expertise achieves an immersive soundstage.

EDIFIER GX04 gaming headphone, with its box

Restore Energy in Just 15 Min

2C Dual Fast Charge

Buffed with 2C dual fast charge for quick “Restore Energy”! Both earbuds and charging case adopt the fast charge technology. 15min charging for 2h using satisfy your urgent entertainment needs. No waiting for joy.

EDIFIER GX04 gaming headset, with font "RGB lights can be turned off" right

Assist for the Winner

Inbuilt 6 pcs RGB lights

The light illuminates the soul of esports! 3-segment RGB light bars, colorful gradient breathing lights, combined with H-shaped lighting effect, for an exclusive esports atmosphere!

waterproof GX04 gaming headphone

IP54 Dust and Water Resistance

Enjoy Anytime Anywhere

No worry about rain or sweat. Enjoy game with friends anytime and anywhere even outdoors!

EDIFIER GX04 gaming headphne on the chip card picture

Drivers in Both Earbuds

Free Toggle between Master/Slave

PixArt Bluetooth 5.2 ultra-stable transmission. Both earbuds can be the master piece. On and go. Free toggle of single-ear/dual-ear use.


Bluetooth version
  • V5.2
Audio Codecs
  • SBC
Bluetooth protocols
  • Approx.7h (earbuds)+Approx.21h (charging case)
  • 5V == 110mA(earbuds) 5V == 1.1A(charging case)
  • ø10mm dynamic unit
  • 32 Ω
  • 103dB
IP Rating
  • IP54
Effective distance
  • About 10m